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01. First, a birthday wish to my dearest sissyheart, Rena (atanone). I hope you are having a wonderful day, love. Here's to a great new year, and one which brings you good fortune and the desires of your heart. Much love and God Bless you. *heaps of huggles* ♥♥♥

02. And in case you wondered where on earth I had disappeared to...I hadn't really. I was just quiet. There has been plenty going on, but not really the happy kind of "eventful".
My dad has become worse in that he's now got this "only speak when you're spoken to" rule going with me. Ridiculous, I know. But he's angry with me. Why? At this point, probably because I exist. I think he's utterly frustrated that all the plans he had for me haven't worked out. I didn't take the career route he expected, I didn't major in accounts, I'm not some self-made woman who's flying high above the stratosphere and I'm not working with him...well, the latter is his fault. He did terminate me. :/ Aiyoo, more on that in another post...

03. There are tonnes of family parties and get-togethers this year and there are 2 in particular I've been hoping to get out of.
They are the parties organized by my dad's sister. She is no doubt trying to show off her new son-in-law and I bet she will enjoy throwing that in my face. After all, I'm the oldest of the grandchildren on this side and I'm still single. Now that her middle child is engaged she gets to rub everyone's noses in it. But I've made tentative plans with my friend, Shiro. We will take her kids to see Rise of the Guardians on one of those evenings and Shiro and I will go see The Hobbit on one of the other nights. We have to squeeze in the last Twilight movie as well. I need to marathon the others as I didn't watch anything after the first in the franchise. Shiro will probably hear my chuckle through it though...other than when Carlisle is on screen. Peter Facinelli makes the trip worthwhile. ;)

04. As far as TV Shows go this year my favourite new US show, Emily Owens M.D has been given the axe barely 2 months into its first season. I'm so disappointed.
It is such a cute little show with clever writing, a immensely likable lead in Mamie Gummer, quirky supporting characters, two gorgeous potential love interests in Justin Hartley's Will Collins and Michael Rady's much potential and they kill it now. They could have given it a chance to run a full season. Darn it. Now we won't know which guy she'd pick...though I'm rooting for Micah. I guess Once Upon a Time will have the most attention as far as my US Shows go. After all, it does have Colin O'Donoghue as the most gorgeous pirate to sail the high seas. Casting him as Captain Hook was brilliant. He's owning the role and he's definitely my fave boy on the show now. I missed Jamie's Sheriff Graham for a good long while, but Hook is delicious. If they keep him in the show, I'll be happy.

05. On the Kdrama front I'm following I Miss You, Yoochun's latest show. Surprise, surprise. ;)
How could I not watch it? His Pandaness is acting his socks off. Its a melo, through and through so expect to blub every few minutes. I balance it out by watching something lighter along with it. I'm several episodes behind so I hope to try and get through the last few episodes this weekend.

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Chun's Jung Woo and and Yoon Eun Hye's Soo Yeon are well matched, and while there are plenty who like her paired with Yoo Seung Ho (Harry/Hyungjoon), I don't see them ever being a proper functional pair. There is plenty that Harry has kept hidden from her and there is also the fact that he has allowed her to become solely dependent on him. It is a very unhealthy relationship and now with Jung Woo in her orbit she is forced to deal with her past. As uncomfortable as it is for her, she needs to do this. Pretending it never happened or pushing it to the back of her head (Harry's school of thought) is going to hurt her more. Actively dealing with her feelings and with Jung Woo is her path to healing and recovery.

Right. Long rambles over for now. I'm off to check my flist and watch somink. :D
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Daughter of Eve
03 April 2010 @ 01:47 pm

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Daughter of Eve
28 May 2007 @ 03:14 pm
I thought I'd make this post to keep my collection of lovebars and things. I don't want to have too many on my profile page-esp coz I know I'll be adding some more-me and my many fandoms! ;)

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