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Daughter of Eve
Daughter of Eve, child of a King, blessed, loved and under grace...

You and me, we could light up the sky, if you stay by my side...we could rule the world


30 something, Christian, South Asian, singer, writer, daydream believer, Music lover, Kpop and Kdrama enthusiast, tea drinker, Photoshop junkie...


God, my family, fairytale romances, princes on tall while horses, knights in shining armour, the 100, supergirl, shadowhunters, jane the virgin, legends of tomorrow, the flash, star wars, lotr, shannara chronicles, vixx (bias wreckers, the lot of them), park yoochun, nam goong min, exid, dusty sprinfield, shirley bassey, sara bareilles, adam lambert, kpop, kdramas, rainy days, reading, gossip sessions with my bffs, doing sweet nothing


I'm naturally cautious about friending, so if you want to be LJ friends, comment on my FO post and let me know. Also, age 18 and over is preferred simply because we are bound to relate better.

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